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Friday, April 10, 2015

Radio apps more popular than music channels ?

"Video killed the radio start" is the tittle of Bugles music video, the first music video played by Mtv in USA. Released on 1979 and directed by Russell Mulcahy  (famous music and movie director), Video Killed The Radio Star (VKTRS) became an iconic  music video of the 80s decade.

The song presents a character who is longing for the old days back when we only needed radio to hear music and music was the only thing we needed from our favorite artists. The character is complaining about how things changed and it is up to the radio generation, to always remind everyone else that the radio star came before. 

VKDRS is a criticism about new technologies and the new way artists are using it to sell records and expose themselves to the world. I would dare to say that, in today's world, TV is not the number one resource for young people to find out about the latest music hits or the top 40 around the world.

Back when Mtv was born and it looked like a good business, other music tv channels followed after and along with cable TV, they were the only means we had to see music videos. The 90s was the last decade of high popularity for Mtv, they killed many music shows, specially since TRL was cancelled ... viewers AND artists felt the big void that the show left in the channel. On 2006, google bought YouTube and through the magic of the Web, we once again found another way to watch music videos but this time whenever we wanted, we had a different option.

On 2007, Apple Inc. introduced the I phone and a whole variety of phones brands offered us countless applications (apps). The apps made possible to take our music everywhere and I am not talking about the regular downloads we store in our phones, I am talking about RADIO !!!!

I don't know about you but I can't listen to the songs on my phone all day long, I need variety and the interaction that radio provides me with. The radio programs are made to entertain and make us feel accompanied through our day; the voices that we listen on the speakers are our invincible companions, we want companionship! We are free to choose the radio that best suit us, we even can choose a radio station that plays one kind of music.

 "According to the Daily Mail, U.K. radio listenership is at a record high, with "91.6 per cent of the population" tuning in each week. 
And listenership in the U.S is also increasing at a rapid pace, according to Arbitron, a leading media and marketing research firm in D.C. Arbitron found in a recent"Infinite Dial" study that 242 million Americans currently listen to the radio each week, and online radio consumption has doubled every year since 2001."

Since the creation of radio apps, especially since the creation of I Heart Radio (2008), regular radio station created their own apps so they wouldn't lose listeners. 

I believe radio is back in demand and it would be fair to say:

" Radio apps killed the video start "

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