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Sunday, November 29, 2009

The zombies are coming......

Este juego es entretenido y se basa en las habilidades estratégicas del jugador. Los principales protagonistas, zombies y plantas, los primeros quieren entrar a tu casa a comer tu cerebro y los segundos son los que evitaran que seas cena de zombies. Además de la parte principal, el juego cuenta con otros mini juegos extras que tienen que ver con el tema principal. Les aconsejo que lo descarguen.

Zombie Strippers!

Esta película de clase B dirigida por Jay Lee, es una semi-parodia del género de películas sobre zombies, si bien no es una película cómica y trata de ser una película seria, no llega a serlo. Esta película se queda en medio camino, su guion no es muy interesante, pero tampoco se puede esperar mucho de una película con este título, peor aun con el nombre de Jenna Jameson en el reparto ya que sabemos que no nos fijaremos en sus dotes actorales. Aun así, se las recomiendo, ya que la pueden ver para pasar un buen rato si es que no quieren tomarse el asunto de los zombies seriamente y ver strippers en acción!.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The responsibility of saving memories Part 1

 My obsession for photography (art) and photographs (product) began long ago. I loved seeing the pictures and look down to the smallest detail in them, from how the person was dressed up to the place where the photograph was taken. When I could have all access to family photos, for me it wasn’t enough. When I travel and see pictures which can be mine, I adopted them. Just as some people adopt children, dogs, etc. I adopt photographs but not any photograph, only the ones I think that are worth to have.

Today I dedicate this space and words to the people I met, and the people in my photographs, who had never expected that someone like me, a stranger who has no relationship with his family, would hold their photographs.

I cringe when I think about how I witnessed the overnight disappearance of a person’s possessions. I asked myself many times; how come an entire life and an entire household of a person can disappear to the point of not even exist? well it is simple really; add death plus your children plus the objects you owned and you will get this: your children will sell what they do not want, they will throw away what they think it’s trash, they will give away things that are not valuable (according to them) and finally they will keep few things ... there it is ...done. All one at once your life disappears. Worst of all, a stranger has something that belonged to you. Have you ever thought about that? To whom would you leave your stuff if you die tomorrow?
It is true that both photographs and antiques in general are just objects that we should not grow fond with, but it is inevitable to think about the past of the object and the past owner.

A piece of history that belonged to that man or that woman is what I have in my hands,that's what I think every time I get these pictures. I wonder what these people think of this situation; anyway, if someone had something of mine I'd give him the courage to give it. That's why I treat these photographs as if they were alive. Definitely I treat these objects as they have been borrowed, that's why I take care of the photographs, they are not mine, they are borrowed.


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