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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Breaking Dawn leaked photos (only+18)

As everyone knows some pictures of the movie Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn were obtained by someone, this may not have been a great deal if the photos were not about nothing more and nothing less than the................ honeymoon of Bella and Edward !.

Personally to me it never seemed like a bad thing when a movie photos leak, I actually feel more excited to watch the movie.
And you?

People do not worry! the fans will go to the movies no matter what! and guess what? I'll be more shock to see the honey moon in a big screen rather than just blurry images. Let's face it if they didn't want images of the movies out! they wouldnt let all that paparazzi take sooo many pics of the filming.

I dont own the pics, none of them!they were taken from different places. (Updated)

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