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Friday, May 28, 2010

Ozzy siendo.....ozzy

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mi nievo bb! XD no me la creo

Estaba revisando algunos post y me di cuenta de que no puse algo increible que me paso hace unas dos semanas....bueno, en un concurso me gane un vinilo autografiado! y una polera de deftones!, tardo un poco en llegar pero cuando lo hizo fue algo irreal....solo me falta la firma de Chi.
Les dejo una fotito:

Monday, May 24, 2010


La Pasada semana se celebro el 30 aniversario de uno de los juegos más conocidos en el mundo: PACMAN.

Este personaje fascino a las personas que tenían un gran gusto por los juegos electrónicos durante la década de los 80’s. La anterior semana google decidió honrar a este icono de la cultura pop adaptando en logo de google y en su lugar poniendo el juego para que cualquiera pueda recordar aquella época., una iniciativa muy original.

Aqui les dejo un link donde pueden volver a jugar :

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Deftones Diamond Eyes debuts at #6 in Billboard Chart (spanish & english)

To my surprise this weekend I found out that the new album from the Deftones had debuted at number 6 on the Billboard Top 200 Chart, selling over 62.000 copies in its first week.

It is true that this album (so far) sold less than the previous one, but we must not forget that many people downloaded down the songs when some songs appeared shortly before the release of the album. The difference between this album and the previous one, is that Saturday Night Wrist debuted at number 10 on the Billboard Chart.

If you have not noticed (from my previous posts) I declare myself a loyal fan of the deftones (between some other bands), and since I found out they were doing a new album I put on a campaign to promote the new material and followed them closely over the past five months. My reaction is not only attributed to fan concerned, even tho we all want to know what will offer our favorite band, but it is because of what the band went thru these last two years, the band has gone through many things, being the most outstanding, the Chi Cheng accident.

It was impossible for me not to take a stand on this, i mean, to what happened to him and therefore the band, I could not be indifferent and only interested in music. Currently I follow closely news about Chi through their official website, which gradually publishes articles on his health or progress in his state (subject of a new post), the same for

Anyway, for any fan is a good news that the effort the band put on a new material (a very positive one considering the situation) has paid off, and that they not only benefit from it but also his band partner.

El fin de semana me encontre con la sorpresa de que el nuevo album de los Deftones habia debutado en el puesto numero 6 del Billboard Chart Top 200, vendiendo 62,000 copias en su primera semana.

Es verdad que este disco (hasta ahora) vendio menos que el anterior pero, no hay que olvidar que muchas personas bajaron el disco por internet cuando algunas canciones aparecieron un poco antes del estreno del disco. La diferencia de este disco y el anterior, es que Saturday Night Wrist debuto en el numero 10 del Billboard Chart. .

Si no lo han notado (por mis anteriores posts) me declaro una fiel fan de los deftones (entre algunas bandas mas), y desde que me entere que estaban realizando un nuevo disco me puse en campaña para promocionar el material anunciado y los seguí de cerca durante los últimos 5 meses. Mi reacción no solo la atribuyo a un fanatismo interesado, aunque a todos nos interesa saber que va a ofrecer nuestra banda preferida, pero por que se que en estos últimos 2 años, la banda a pasado por muchas cosas, siendo la mas sobresaliente, el accidente de Chi Cheng.

Fue imposible para mi no tener una posición ante esto, es decir,con lo que le paso a el y por ende a la banda, yo no pude ser indiferente y solamente interesarme por la música. Actualmente sigo de cerca noticias sobre Chi a través de su pagina oficial, la cual poco a poco publica artículos sobre su salud o sobre progresos en su estado (tema de un nuevo post), lo mismo por

De todas formas, para cualquier fan es una buena noticia saber que el esfuerzo que la banda a puesto en un nuevo material (uno muy positivo considerando la situacion) haya dado sus frutos, y que ellos no solamente se beneficien de ello pero tambien su compañero de banda.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

R.I.P : Ronnie James Dio \m/

Influential heavy metal singer Ronnie James Dio, best known for his iconic wailing for Black Sabbath and, before that, Rainbow, has died of stomach cancer. His death was announced via a statement on his website from wife Wendy Dio, which read:

Today my heart is broken, Ronnie passed away at 7:45am 16th May. Many, many friends and family were able to say their private good-byes before he peacefully passed away. Ronnie knew how much he was loved by all. We so appreciate the love and support that you have all given us. Please give us a few days of privacy to deal with this terrible loss. Please know he loved you all and his music will live on forever. -- Wendy Dio

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Retratos de los inmortales/Do they exist?

Romulus and Remus:

They were werewolves, who founded the empire of Rome via conquest. A vampire known as Scorn appeared at this time, becoming involved in the wars of Rome. Scorn was often mistaken as the incarnation of Roman God Mars (Greek: Ares) due to his war-like attitude. Scorn conquered many lands, and an alliance with many other vampires, was formed. These fiends terrorized the humans, until a powerful and nameless human began to weaken the vampires, and condemned them to a life of exile, while other terrified people began to follow his lead. The Roman Catholic Church comes into play now, as the force that kept the vampires exiled, and the city safe.

Incubus and Succubus:

Both of European origin are sexual beings, the Incubus the male, and Succubus the female. The Incubus is known to visit women nightly, and drain them of life and strength. It is said that if an Incubus should visit you, it will haunt your dreams. Incubus vampires can father children. Succubus vampires are female, who visit men nightly for sexual relations, and haunt their dreams, rendering a victim totally exhausted.

The Talamaur:

A living form of the vampire, originating in Australia. It is said the Talamaur can communicate and summon spirits, and that it feeds on the remaining life force of a fresh corpse by eating the flesh.
The Strigoii is by far the most famous vampire, of Romanian descent. It is dead, and feeds on the blood of the living, often participating in sexual acts with human females. 


In the book of Genesis (Holy Bible), a woman who once shared Eden with Adam is spoken of. Her name is believed to be Lilith, though her name is only mentioned once in the bible (Isaiah 34:14), and she is spoken of once in the Jewish Torah. 

Originally, Lilith was Adam’s wife. She was not made from Adam, rather she was created as an equal of Adam’s, and was given free will in Eden. Lilith and Adam argued frequently, and Lilith refused to make love with Adam, who demanded her lay on her back during intercourse. For this, Adam became angry with God, and demanded a woman created in his likeness. God punished Lilith for her disobedience by forbidding her and any offspring that should come of her from eating from the Tree Of Knowledge. Enraged after a time, Lilith began to eat from the tree again.Lilith escaped the Garden of Eden. Once out of the garden, she took up the habit of sleeping with a different man every night.

When Lilith heard of Adam’s new wife Eve, she became fearful that if they had offspring, Adam would send them to seek revenge. Lilith became paranoid, and quite fearful of children. Due to this phobia, she resorted to cannibalism, devouring innocent children, cursing them as well. 

This story is believe to be the explanation as to why women are cursed with monthly bloodletting; hence many believe the myths of vampires were born from this legend.


In Greek folklore, vampirism could occur through various means: being excommunicated, desecrating a religious day, committing a great crime, or dying alone. Other causes included having a cat jump across one's grave, eating meat from a sheep killed by a wolf, and being cursed. Vrykolakas were usually thought to be indistinguishable from living people, giving rise to many folk tales with this theme. Crosses and antidoron (blessed bread) from the church were used as wards in different places. To prevent vampires from rising from the dead, their hearts were pierced with iron nails while resting in their graves, or their bodies burned and the ashes scattered. Because the Church opposed burning people who had received the myron of chrismation in the baptism ritual, cremation was considered a last resort. (Wikipedia)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Diamond Eyes out today! (english version)

The first time I listen to the deftones was back in 1998 on MTV, I will never forget when 7 words began, Chino Moreno's voice was mellow and strong, not only sing but to me, it was poetry declared "You and I are here alone face Along the flat edge of the glass. "

In the late 90's, Deftones, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Adema, Papa Roach, among other groups, were classified as Nu Metal (new metal), a music style that mixed metal and other musical influences.However, this classification caused many bands of this wave got stuck in the "new" style and could not repeat the same success they had with their new proposals.

Of this group of bands, deftones was the band that struggled to stay afloat, that is, to hold together. The deftones did not seek to repeat the success that White Pony (2000) took, they sought to remain a band. These native of Sacramento, California, were fighting not only against the label of "nu metal" band but they had to bear the burden of being compared to other Californians, Korn. They even were criticized by some who said they-were-in the footsteps of Korn, but deftones is a completely different band, and has a unique style. These two groups, who lived at opposite ends of the state, shared several tours and shared stages at the beginning of theis career, and this was repeated years later when they touched the worldwide success.

After his first album Adrenaline (1994) that had good reviews, Around the Fur (1997) came along, an album that opened several doors for them in the United States. White Pony, consolidated them as a world famous band, this album came to platinum and won a Grammy in 2001. In 2003, deftones droped a new self titled CD, which had many expectations from critics and fans, however, the group did not reach the same success they had with White Ponybut showed that they did not belong to "nu metal" category and that they wouldnt disappear like the bands that called themselves like that (they were right).

Saturday Night Wrist was released in 2006, and sold a number lower than their previous albums, this reflected the problems the band had, there were rumors speak of the band breaking up when in the midst of recording this album, Chino Moreno went on tour with Team Sleep (side project) and recorded his vocals separately. After settling their differences, they came together to record Eros (2008), what would be their sixth studio album but was never completed. In November 2008, Chi Cheng, bass player, suffered a car accident that caused him to fall into a coma, until today he is in a semi conscious state, however he shows improvement everyday .

In 2009, the group decided to continue without Cheng and Sergio Vega took his place, but the band says, Chi is still the bass player in the group and Vega is the sixth member of deftones. To help the Cheng family to pay his medical bills, deftones decided to make a couple of shows with various members of different bands, were also auctioned items of music and Brian "Head" Welch, "Fieldy (Korn) and several artists performed a song for Chi to raise more page is currently raising money and report on the status of Chi continuously .

Today after ten years of the success of White Pony, deftones releases a new album: "Diamond Eyes", which like WP marks the beginning of a new chapter in the biography of this great band that, despite the various problems which have been submitted or not being number one on the popularity charts, one thing is certain, their music expresses the deepest feelings, says it all without words, we only feel it (the music speaks by it self) and that's fans appreciate the most.

Diamond Eyes out today! (spanish version)

La primera vez que escuche a los deftones fue el año 1998 en Mtv, nunca olvidare cuando 7 words empezó, la voz de Chino Moreno era melosa y fuerte, no solamente cantaba pero, para mi declaraba poesía “You and me are here alone face flat along the edge of the glass”.

A finales de los 90’s, deftones, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Adema, Papa roach, entre otros grupos, fueron clasificados como Nu Metal(nuevo metal), es decir un estilo que mezclaba metal y otras influencias musicales. Sin embargo, esta clasificación causo que muchas bandas de esta ola se estancaran, en el “nuevo” estilo y no pudieran repetir el mismo éxito que tuvieron con sus novedosas propuestas.

De este grupo de bandas, deftones fue la banda que más sufrió para mantenerse a flote, es decir, para mantenerse unida. Los deftones no buscaban repetir el éxito que White Pony (2000) tuvo, buscaban seguir siendo una banda. Estos oriundos de Sacramento, California, no solamente debían luchar contra la etiqueta de grupo “nu metal” pero debieron llevar la carga de ser comparados con otros californianos, Korn. Inclusive fueron criticados por algunos que decían que -seguían- los pasos de Korn, aunque deftones es una banda completamente diferente, y un estilo unico. Estos dos grupos, que vivían en extremos opuestos del estado, compartieron varios tours y escenarios al principio de su carrera, y esto se repitió años después cuando tocaron el éxito mundial.

Despues de su primer CD Adrenaline(1994) que tuvo buenas criticas, llego Around the Fur (1997) un disco que les abrió varias puertas en los Estados Unidos . White Pony, los consolido como una banda mundialmente conocida, este disco llego a platino y ganaron un Grammy en 2001. El año 2003, deftones saco un nuevo CD auto titulado, el cual tuvo muchas expectativas por parte de los críticos y fans, sin embargo, el grupo no llego a repetir el mismo éxito que White Pony tuvo pero demostró que ellos no pertenecían a la categoría “nu metal”, y que no desaparecerían como las bandas que se autodenominaron así (tenían razón).

Saturday Night Wrist se estreno el año 2006, y vendió una cifra más baja que sus anteriores discos, este reflejó los problemas que la banda tenía, inclusive, se hablo mucho de una separación cuando en medio de la grabación de este disco, Chino Moreno se fue de tour con Team Sleep (proyecto paralelo) y grabo separadamente sus vocales. Después de arreglar sus diferencias, los deftones se reunieron para grabar Eros(2008), el que sería su sexto álbum de estudio pero que nunca fue terminado. En noviembre del 2008, Chi Cheng, bajista de la banda, sufrió un accidente automovilístico que causo que cayera en coma, hasta el día de hoy se encuentra en un estado semi consiente, sin embargo, mejora cada dia.

El 2009, el grupo decidió seguir sin Cheng y Sergio Vega tomo su lugar, pero como dice la banda, Chi sigue siendo bajista del grupo y Vega es el sexto miembro de deftones. Para ayudar a la familia de Cheng a pagar las facturas de su cuidado, los deftones decidieron realizar un par de shows con varios miembros de diferentes bandas, también se fueron subastando artículos de música y Brian "Head" Welch , "Fieldy" (Korn) y varios artistas realizaron una canción para Chi para recaudar más dinero. Actualmente la página sirve para recaudar dinero e informar sobre la condición de Chi.

Hoy después de diez años del éxito de White Pony, se estrena un nuevo disco- Diamond Eyes-, que al igual que WP marca el comienzo de un nuevo capítulo en la biografía de esta gran banda que, a pesar de los diferentes problemas que se les ha presentado o de no estar en el numero uno de los charts de popularidad, una cosa es cierta, su música expresa los más profundos sentimientos, dice todo sin palabras, solo se siente y eso es lo que los fans aprecian.


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