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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Jobless ... for now.

After two years of being away from home, I came back with a positive attitude and so relaxed, believing I could do it all. I was... kind of wrong.

Being without a job doesn't mean you can't do other stuff. For example; I am writing a new post after more than one year! I have time to go out and learn a new language and to go to the gym. But, yes, I know how it feels when you *Think you are not doing anything productive, or it feels that you are not doing anything at all! The reality is that, if you are keeping yourself busy with things that will help you eventually, you will be ok; there is nothing wrong with that.

But at the same time, we are not earning money to pay bills or personal things, and we are not working (won't look good on the CV). There are many days where I wake up and I'm desperate to find anything, anything! then I realized that the X job won't make me fact It will make me feel miserable. I know myself, very well and I know I will feel trapped and suffocated.

I often think, "what if it’s a good deal for me BUT I hate the job?" What if I become one of those people who always talk about how their job is just momentary and they never end up quitting the job and finally they are too old or they are too scared to do it. What If?

I know I should just close my eyes and jump into the abyss....and try something else when I feel ready. Another great idea is to read a book to help you get ideas on how to start looking for a job, what to look for or maybe a book that will help you out to start your own business.

-What are you doing about it?
-Should I take what ever I can and pray for the best?
-How do you cope with being unemployed?



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