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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ella y yo, no estamos solas

Lo que más me temia se hizo realidad, ya no hay amor, solo rutina. Una mentira fue esta parte de mi vida, solo actuaba, ya no sentia....desde ahora solo actuare para el y sere igual de hipocrita como el lo fue conmigo.

Te odio, con amor...


Friday, May 22, 2009

My soul speaks


 Since water’s high my eyes are dry
                                                                                   And I don’t long for anything…
My second-hand soul crashed the wall
Lying around in pieces…

My nights are long and I’m scared of the crimson dawn…

Sailing on the sea of liesWithout a compass…
Beneath this sky
There’s no seagull to show me where’s the shore…

Oh… I’m starving for love…

Show yourself, let me see
My reflection in your eyes
I am still lingering,
Listening to the songs of night…Alone…

Letters never came to me…
Where I am there’s no address…
No one rides by my lair,
The birds have flown away a long time ago


-Sometimes music expresses things so much better than words, especially this song. Strong people also need someone by their side when it's lonely, when it's though, when it hurts, don’t you agree? 

Monday, May 18, 2009

" Only when I sleep "

Today the moon came out earlier. I have not seen the moon in brought daylight in a long time and the day felt even better .  Usually people won’t put their eyes up to the sky, I don’t know why. They look ahead, back, left and right but they never look up. Why people refuse to believe that there can be something above us? or is it that dreamers looks up to the sky way too much?

When can you see the daytime moon? :

  • Look within a week or so of the date of full moon.
  • Before full moon, look for the daytime moon in the afternoon.
  • After full moon, look for the daytime moon in the morning.

I would like to sleep and sleep so my mind won't torment me with the cold reality, wandering these streets, feel the breeze and have no worries. I would like to dream for a long time, drown under the black night so the moon and the stars accompany me. My only company (sometimes).

The night better be eternal, I’m not talking about the darkness, I am talking about the long and comforting dreams we would have.

 Quisiera dormir y dormir para que mi mente no me atormente con la fría realidad, vagar por estas calles, sentir la brisa y no tener preocupaciones. Quisiera soñar por mucho tiempo, ahogarme debajo de la noche negra y que la luna y las estrellas me acompañen. Mi única compañía (a veces).

Mejor que la noche sea eterna, no hablo de la oscuridad, hablo de los sueños largos y reconfortantes que tendríamos.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Man shoul learn to say this...hope they practice this.

"I have learned to seek my happiness by limiting my desires, rather than in attempting to satisfy them"


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