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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Incorrupt slumber of The Saints (Warning: graphic photos)

Incorruptibility is the property of a (usually human) non-decomposed corpse after death, despite not having been embalmed and preserved in any way.

Incorrupt bodies of saints

The Catholic Church, among others, has traditionally considered the cadaverous incorruptibility of certain characters, particularly saints and blessed, as a miraculous sign of his holiness and for this reason there are many corpses called uncorrupted venerated in Catholic shrines. The belief that an uncorrupted body was a sign of divine grace is found in the Western world since at least the Middle Ages.

The idea of the uncorrupted body usually gives rise to the idea that these bodies are kept more or less as they were at the time of death. The corpses are often publicly exposed and they have layers of wax coated to help prevent further deterioration of the corpse led by exposure. Some bodies are exposed in their natural state and the deterioration is appreciable.

There are also incorrupt bodies that have not received any treatment and keep well and others that some parts of their bodies have become corrupted, some parts have endured (the case of St. Anthony of Padua-of which the only remains uncorrupted is the tongue, St. Catherine of Siena, whose head is still preserved without rotting, Santa Margarita - whose brain remains intact).

-There are certain phenomena or characteristics that occur when a body is incorrupt:

  • Odor

The phenomenon, known by the technical name of osmogenesia, consists on the releasing of a nice and soft scent of the mortal body of saints or of the graves where his/her relics lie.

  • Flexibility

The preserved bodies by mummification, whether natural or artificially induced, show no flexibility phenomenon in regular bodies. They are hard and rigid bodies. The stiffening on the members begins within hours of death. Most incorrupt saints don’t suffer this rigidity; they remain flexible for many centuries.

  • Blood

Another phenomenon that defies scientific explanations is the emanation of fresh blood that comes from a good number of these bodies, many years after their death.

  • Oil

In some cases oil flows from the uncorrupted bodies from time to time . It is said that these same oils preserves the body.

There will always be skeptics about this topic, people without faith(not religious faith) on anything. Even if God himself would come down from heaven, this people will still refuse the existence of miracles... even if a miracle punch them in the face (so to speak). It's great to question things ... with an open mind. " What if..." will take our minds to many places.

I mean I believe in miracles, magic and reason, but why be an extremist? All or nothing? Some people question: why these bodies are not in perfect conditions, why some of them have a thin layer of wax, why some of the bodies wear masks if they are Saints!?. The reason is simple; they are delicate bodies. These bodies have been uncorrupted for centuries! Of course that these bodies will start to deteriorate and of course you have to help the bodies to stay in one piece with wax. If you buy a 100 year old antique, you will probably put it in a box or inside a glass cloche/bell glass to preserve it for more centuries, that’s what the church did with the bodies.

I think it’s very important in life to be an open minded person, you have your own beliefs but you have to consider other possibilities. To the people that repeat “Religion is the opium of the people" I say to them: “Hate is the blindness of the people”.  Just because most of these stories are related to the Church, why should non-believers brand them as fake? There are so many mysteries and so many things that mankind ignores ... just because we can't explain it with reason, it doesn't mean it's not real.
 +My question to you is: Do you think this bodies are trying to say something? 

Thank you for reading this post. I hope to read your comments and if you liked it, share it to the world!

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