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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The thin line between being artistic or ….just naked

I’m the kind of person who likes everything that it’s artistic and uncommon. That’s why when a person like Lady Gaga emerges I like to support it. As time went by and LGG showed up to awards, weddings, baseball games and other places wearing the same crazy crap she does on stage…I started to wonder: When we are creative and when we become just ridiculous?

In Gaga’s case, she just get ridiculous almost all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I like…….some or her outfits and all of her videos (something created by someone else) but this “I will use my underwear like clothing” it’s getting old for me! I remember when women (and celebrities) use to wear the famous negligee, basically a nightgown, people hated it and anyone who wore it was attacked and criticized for it. WTH? Yeah, the negligee is for the bedroom but this kind was modified to wear publicly.

Now, few years later LGG wears a bra and panties and its self expression and it’s the same case with Taylor Momsen Though… she is the typical case of the teenager who wants to find herself and who proclaim herself as a rebel…oh, rock rebel. Be creative and express yourself through clothes….but babes….dont wear undearwear on the streets.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oh! $

Have u ever been undecided about doing a trip? Even if it sounds fantastic, something always comes to my mind….MONEY$$$

That dirty money!, we can’t live without it. We need $, when we have $ on our pockets, it can make us happy or miserable…true story. The thing is that doing something always takes us to spend money, and sometimes money we don’t even have!

Im close to doing this trip, the thing is that I have some of the $$$(I don’t even want to say its name!) but….i kinda feel guilty for asking more to other people hehehe (I don’t have a job,yet).

Wish money could fall down from the sky everytime it rains. Who agrees with me?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Turning the volume

Why is that, everytime i was busy, i always had time to writte on my blog...aaalot! Nowadays, im free as a bird....not much to do and, im not writting anymore!

So, i came up with 3 answers:

1) Im watching youtube waaay too much

2) Editing pics takes like 2 hours of my life

and finally....

3) I used to do im free i dont do shit, so i guess...i have nothing to writte about.

But hey! doing nothing made me writte about...doing nothing! LOL
Does this ever happens to you? Gosh.....

PD: Now i have new ideas for my next Blog article


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