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Monday, July 4, 2011

My goth phase turn out to be a life style.

I remember when I used to see this classic Disney Cartoons, I used to love them!
It is only now that I remember so many things that I used to like when I was a kid, and my friends always thought that those things were weird! Or spooky!

I can't blame them, I was born a freak and loving all this gloommy , grim and goth-ish things. I never had a doubt in my mind that all this things were great. How could people didn't see what I saw? I believed in all the paranormal characters I saw in movies and I still do. I can feel the magic of the night, this indescribable feeling of knowing there is something out there in the shadows.

In movies, I always liked the dark characters ....the ones who dressed like goths and apparently that meant they were the "bad" guys, the "enemy". My parents at first probably thought that my attraction for all the “weird”stuff was just a phase....yes, well, they were wrong, after 15 years they are still wrong.

Are you still part of the dark side?

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