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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Dusty Tombstone - { The last place to rest }

 Photos by: { 7 Fotos } - Photography (click and Like)

Graveyards are the least favorite place in the world for most people. ¿Why it shouldn't be? graveyards equals pains, sadness, loneliness, even fear. I believe that all of these feelings can be transformed into something more positive.

The first time I step into one, the only thing I felt was curiosity. ¿ Why this place was so scary? ¿Why grown-ups never wanted to talk about the people that were buried there? Death, unnameable.
Just take a few steps into the cemetery and you will see dozens of names and dates written over the tombstones. It's so unfair really; many years of history reduce to a name and a date. Some tombstones look like they are regularly visited but others have been abandoned. Who could abandon the place where a loved one was buried? Usually, Immediate family; wife, husband, mother, father, children, grandchildren and so on will be the ones who will take care of the loved one resting place but as time goes on these people also dies and the great grandchildren won't take the responsibility of taking care of the tombs.

I think the blame lies on "older" generation. Since there is a phobia to talk about death, deceased and cemeteries there is a high probability, if not a fact, that the new generation won't know that they still have relatives in a cemetery.

Graveyards are actually one of the best place to relax, put everything in perspective and meditate. The cemeteries I have visit were located in large green areas, surrounded by trees. There were lots of family mausoleums most of them looked abandoned but still looked stunning. The most impressive thing for me were the statues of angels, children and crosses of all kinds. The silent witnesses of time in this place.

Don't be afraid of cemeteries, My advice to you; take a day to visit your local cemetery. You will be surprised to find large generations of families and local famous characters. The tour will let you gain a new respect for the death and a new value for the life you still enjoy. Regardless of what everyone will say. It doesn't have to be a morbid and sad experience.

More Photos at: 7Fotos

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