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Saturday, February 21, 2015

What goes on before and after The Oscars (The Academy Awards)

Is that time of the year again, my favorite one. The Oscars are here and there is a big expectation not only about who is going to win but about what celebrities are going to wear. Fashion critics enjoy guessing who is going to be the best and the worst dressed of the year... they enjoy it more than the award show itself. Here are some information about how celebrities prepare weeks before this important event and what goes on after the show.

How celebrities get ready for the Oscars

Picking –The- outfit

Celebrities hire people to get lend jewelry, shoes and dresses of the most famous designers exclusively for them (this means no other celebrity will wear the same things on the red carpet) the right outfit can make them even more popular! and of course...who wouldn't like to look incredible in case they get to when accept the award . The celebs obtain these and other benefits for free (So Ironic ). An exchange is made: “ I wear your clothes and your name will appear on all media and you will lend me your dress for a night for free. This is how Hollywood works.


Stars are obsessed with the jolt of energy they get from vitamin B12 shots injected right into their blood stream — the perfect pick-me-up before a big night like the Oscars.


Stars in skin-baring dresses won’t risk the camera catching any stubble, so most turn to laser hair removal months before the awards show.


Makeup isn’t enough to make stars glow on the red carpet.
Celebrities will be arriving during daytime sun on the red carpet so their skin has to be flawless. Also, the skin is a canvas for their makeup. If the skin is perfect, they will be glowing!

Nope, those pearly whites aren’t natural. Stars usually get professional teeth whitening treatments a few days before major events, according to Dr. Bill Dorfman, a celebrity dentist in Los Angeles.


Aging actresses don’t look that good without a little help. It’s no secret stars love Botox for smoothing skin and vanishing wrinkles, and injectable fillers help plump up lips and cheeks.


Honestly, celebs are into crazy diets, some last months and others last a couple of weeks ( fast/cleans ).

Part Time !

Have you ever wonder if there is one official Academy Awards party ? Actually there is not one official Oscars after party, but there are many and they all sounds fun.

Here are the main ones:

1.      "Night of 100 Stars" Oscar Viewing Dinner/Party
2.      In-Style Oscar Viewing Dinner/Party
3.      Weinstein Brothers Oscar Viewing Dinner
4.      2015 Elton John Oscar Viewing Dinner/Party
5.      Motion Picture & Television Fund's The Night Before Party 
6.      Fox After Party at Boa Hollywood
7.      Elton John After Party Only
8.      Vanity Fair Party
9.      The 87th Oscars and Governors Ball
10. Fox Oscar party

This, just to name a few, there are even private parties hosted by celebrities but we won’t get to see this people posing on a red carpet. The tickets for these parties are between $1490.00 to $5990.00. A good way to keep track of what happens before, during and after the show is through social networks and following the official accounts of your favorite celebs. This way you can feel that you enjoy the experience of the Oscars next to the rich and famous.

You can also plan a small get together with your closest friends. Buy some decoration, dress up, take your drinks in glasses and buy some snacks.

Our favorite celebrities will enjoy a night of drinks,music and food. If that wasn’t enough, they nominees will get a gift bag (probably they will need more than one bag) full of the latest and popular products worth $160,000.

-The Oscars 2015 Bingo game !

This are some cards for you to play with your family or friends.

-Facts about the Academy Awards that you didn’t knew:

  • 61.4% of the audience for last year’s telecast was female (28.1 million viewers). 

  • Bob Hope has hosted the Oscars telecast 19 times more than anybody else.

  • Since 1978 there have been three films to win both Best Picture Oscar and gross over $300 million in the U.S. Titanic $600.8 million released in 1997, Lord of the Rings: Return of the King $377.0 million released in 2003 and Forrest Gump $329.7 million released in 1994.

  • There has only been one Oscar winner named Oscar: Oscar Hammerstein II, who won two for best song.

  • The first person ever presented with an Academy Award was Emil Jannings, a silent-film actor who took the Best Actor award for two films.

  • Jennifer Lawrence, who won Best Actress in 2013 for "Silver Linings Playbook," felt weird having hers in the house, so her mom took it and displays it on her piano.

  • The goodies in Oscar attendees gift bags are famously pricey last year’s  swag bag is reportedly worth about $80,000.

  • There are 2 movies that got the most nominations: All About Eve (1950) and Titanic (1997)

  • Walt Disney won 22 Oscars. He also won the most Oscars in one year, with four in 1954.

  • Cedric Gibbons (Art Director), who designed the Oscar statuette, won 11 awards out of a total of 39 nominations.

  • Most film nominations without a win: The Turning Point (1977) and The Color Purple (1985), with 11 nominations each.

  • Shortest performance to win an acting Oscar: Beatrice Straight in Network (1976) - 5 minutes and 2 seconds and Anthony Hopkins' 16 minutes of screen time in Silence of the Lambs.

  • Helen Hayes won in 1932 for The Sin of Madelon Claudet and in 1971 for Airport, which made it  the longest gap between awards.

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