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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Diamond Eyes out today! (english version)

The first time I listen to the deftones was back in 1998 on MTV, I will never forget when 7 words began, Chino Moreno's voice was mellow and strong, not only sing but to me, it was poetry declared "You and I are here alone face Along the flat edge of the glass. "

In the late 90's, Deftones, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Adema, Papa Roach, among other groups, were classified as Nu Metal (new metal), a music style that mixed metal and other musical influences.However, this classification caused many bands of this wave got stuck in the "new" style and could not repeat the same success they had with their new proposals.

Of this group of bands, deftones was the band that struggled to stay afloat, that is, to hold together. The deftones did not seek to repeat the success that White Pony (2000) took, they sought to remain a band. These native of Sacramento, California, were fighting not only against the label of "nu metal" band but they had to bear the burden of being compared to other Californians, Korn. They even were criticized by some who said they-were-in the footsteps of Korn, but deftones is a completely different band, and has a unique style. These two groups, who lived at opposite ends of the state, shared several tours and shared stages at the beginning of theis career, and this was repeated years later when they touched the worldwide success.

After his first album Adrenaline (1994) that had good reviews, Around the Fur (1997) came along, an album that opened several doors for them in the United States. White Pony, consolidated them as a world famous band, this album came to platinum and won a Grammy in 2001. In 2003, deftones droped a new self titled CD, which had many expectations from critics and fans, however, the group did not reach the same success they had with White Ponybut showed that they did not belong to "nu metal" category and that they wouldnt disappear like the bands that called themselves like that (they were right).

Saturday Night Wrist was released in 2006, and sold a number lower than their previous albums, this reflected the problems the band had, there were rumors speak of the band breaking up when in the midst of recording this album, Chino Moreno went on tour with Team Sleep (side project) and recorded his vocals separately. After settling their differences, they came together to record Eros (2008), what would be their sixth studio album but was never completed. In November 2008, Chi Cheng, bass player, suffered a car accident that caused him to fall into a coma, until today he is in a semi conscious state, however he shows improvement everyday .

In 2009, the group decided to continue without Cheng and Sergio Vega took his place, but the band says, Chi is still the bass player in the group and Vega is the sixth member of deftones. To help the Cheng family to pay his medical bills, deftones decided to make a couple of shows with various members of different bands, were also auctioned items of music and Brian "Head" Welch, "Fieldy (Korn) and several artists performed a song for Chi to raise more page is currently raising money and report on the status of Chi continuously .

Today after ten years of the success of White Pony, deftones releases a new album: "Diamond Eyes", which like WP marks the beginning of a new chapter in the biography of this great band that, despite the various problems which have been submitted or not being number one on the popularity charts, one thing is certain, their music expresses the deepest feelings, says it all without words, we only feel it (the music speaks by it self) and that's fans appreciate the most.

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