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Saturday, April 23, 2011

When people doesnt have any good manners

So, a few weeks ago I went to Armin Van Buuren concert. The first thing that I can say is that I had a great time! but unfortunately I had to came across with some ass-holes.

Let me begin by saying that YOU should know that everywhere you go, restaurants, bars or even electronic should have some good manners. Obviously, there are always idiots who doesnt have any manners at all! so they think they dont own anything to nobody,
but guess what? you do, and that its called RESPECT .

The thing is that, even if electronic concerts requires people jumping and dancing around, when you are in a concert with hundreds of people around you, you cant just push and step on people, you have to respect their space yeah, that's called respect. That happened to me and my friends when this little bitch started to push me more and more 'til I couldn't take it! At first I was like "ok she is dancing, and maybe Im pushing someone else and I dont realized" but as the minutes went by It was too much she was deliberately pushing me.

At last I told her politely "excuse me, You are pushing me too much you are almost over me" , she just told me in a very rude way that she was there first and she wasent going to move, and she just ignore me; hahahaha! thats the typical reaction of an ignorant and childish girl. It just made me realized that someone like that , a drunk brothel-ish chick, wouldnt be smart enought to ever see my point. What the best this to do? Just, walk away, ignore that person and have a good time, just like I did . What happened with that chick one hour later? she was sleeping on the floor because she was too drunk and missed the best part of the show ;)

Beside that thing...the night was amazing! 7 hours of electronic music, dancing with my friends, taking pics and having a good time, love it! Armin was so good! I loved all the songs and the energy he had on stage, he was up there for almost 4 hours and he didnt look tired at all. The bad part was that he took too long to go on the stage and people were begining to get tired and drunk! but oh well! some people cant handle one night out.
If you have to chance to see Armin Van Buuren do it!!! you wont regret it!!!!

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