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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Living is the hardest part (The reason I haven't been posting)

I can honestly say, that this is the biggest pain I ever felt in my life, the biggest pain I’ve felt so far. I never imagined that death would come so soon…. I imagined that death wouldn’t come at all. Life goes on but nothing will be the same.
Not to this life, not to this person, not to this man that gave so much love. Not to my grandfather.

He was a great man, a great son, brother, husband, father and grandfather. He was a man that gave a lot to the people that surrounded him, many of which took advantage of his good intentions and good heart, many never gave back what they owed to him, many never said “thank you”. 

My grandfather never kept any anger inside him, he did not accumulate enemies throughout his life, he was very sociable and could be friend with people from high social position to the most humble and simple person. He was a cheerful and positive, that is why his life was good.

I consider my grandparents as my second parents, so I never imagine that death could come one day, I never thought about it….I couldn’t imagine that day. As many of you know, life is unpredictable, life plans change all the time, as the saying goes: "If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans."

At first I thought that; the sooner death would come, the sooner I would see my grandfather, but now I know that I want to live so that when we meet again… I will have many things to tell him, and I hope he feels proud of me. Meanwhile, I pray for him, talked with him and I always feel cared for and protected. 

But ... living is the hardest part... an everyday battle some times.

He is my silent guardian, the best I could have wished.

Papi Raul, Te extraño.

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