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Monday, November 7, 2011

A post-mortem examination of Pushing Daisies.

I say: #ReWatch !!! PD Quotes HERE !

Many people really don't think about the message and the story of a TV show, does it mean something? maybe because 99% of the shows that people watch are empty. TV shows that presents doctors that only talks about sex and have sex, the life of a group of Upper East Side teenagers in a big city .... oh yes they have sex too, finally , a show about the White House and the president of the USA where he deals with crisis inside and outside the office ... and also the sex life of the president.
I can name many other shows that are all the same just with different actors and different plots.

Pushing Daisies was among the few TV shows that had a message, a different one. The whole show is sort of a metaphor or allegory for pure, eternal, faithful and undying LOVE with a necrophiliac twist. The question was: Are you capable of loving someone after he or she is gone?, when there is a big distance between lovers, can love survive?, when there’s an absence of physical affection is it worth loving that person?.

As every fan of PD knows, Ned (the pie maker) has the ability to bring people back from death and things back to life. Ned had a complex life but it's a simple man, a hopeless romantic ... the show doesn't talk or show any of his previous relationships, but probably he didn't have any meaningful relationships before Chuck ( The Lonely Tourist and best friend who is revived by him ). I believe that Ned was obsessed with Chuck (who represents the idea of what love is supposed to be) because, she was the only person in Ned’s life who knew what It meant to lose someone and feel lonely.

The shows often talks about Ned’s childhood, which is similar to Chuck’s youth. They both had a good life overall, but they were trapped in different ways. Ned wasn’t supposed to get out of the Longborough School for Boys but he escapes and Chuck had the option of leaving her aunt’s house but she never did, until her fatal trip.

In this show the thing that keeps Ned and Chuck physically separated is his gift. This gift (touching the dead and bringing them back to life) represents a distance of time and place, the 2 big elements that define most of the fate of a relationship.

-Distance: When lovers are apart, when they live in different cities, countries or even continents.

-Time: The years, months, weeks, days, hours and minutes they spent apart or together. When distance is not a problem, the time they spent apart or the other way around it is. And when there is no distance, time is ticking away…”will we marry? When? Will we move in together? When? How long will this last?” Or the relationship last too long and the lovers get sick of each other.

-Place: In this case it means the psychological/mental state of mind of the person according to a person's personal situation, employment status, economic status, maturity, the expectation that our family and society puts on us. etc.

Ned and Chuck's only “problem” is that they can’t touch, they can’t show their affection in a traditional way: Holding hands, hugs, kissing, and sex. The show asks the viewers: Is it possible to love someone you can’t touch? Can love last through time? Or are you so desperate for physical affection that you are capable of losing the love of your life because of the lack of physical contact?  Nowadays, there are many people who choose sex over love, but they pay a bigger price for it; they will never be sure that someone loves them because of what they are or because of what they get from them in bed.

The satisfaction of sex lasts a few minutes, the satisfaction of having and feeling true love lasts a lifetime. When I think about romance, now I think about Ned opening Chuck’s coffin at the graveyard, literally returning Chuck to the world of the living.

Pushing daisies is a forensic fairy tale, which is full of romanticism and melancholy of the past and the things that are and can never be. Pushing Daisies is a show that is a feast to the eyes! Colors and combinations, a mix of the 50's style with the modern world in a city where we wish we could live, a perfect aesthetic that plays with somber and dismal issues in a world where love is worth waiting for ( Charlotte and Ned see each other after 20 years), worth sacrifice for and it’s worth dying and returning to life.

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