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Monday, December 26, 2011

† Dressing like a Vamp †

For the horror movie fans, Goths, monsters fans and darkness lovers like us; we often dress with clothes that have images of all the things we love . But if you are a fangbanger or just a vampire lover and have a dark style, this is the post for you.
I believe that Pamela Swynford De Beaufort, better known as Pam in True Blood, is the best fashion role model we have right now on TV. Most of the women characters on TV that represents the Goth subculture (or just vampires) are depressed, crazy, slutty or serial killers. Pam is just a tough, strong, intelligent, beautiful and sarcastic vampire who dress to kill ! … yes, literally!

It doesn’t matter if she is in fangtasia, helping Erick or feeding herself, Pam has a great style that doesn’t suck at all. Many people don’t know that Goth begins early in life basically you carry it inside you, then this kids will become teenagers who finally grow up into –normal-(not common) adults, who has many facets of their life. As we grow older I believe that our style doesn’t have to disappear but evolve into something more sophisticated and according to our life.

True Blood’s Costume Designer; Audrey Fisher says that Pam has a “Goth-influenced wardrobes”. Yes, there are many people who use Goth-influenced clothes , example: Karl Lagerfeld. “She links each character’s looks for specific scenes and gives the goods on the labels the vampires wear, from more mainstream ones like Joseph Abboud and Bebe to avant-garde discoveries like Skingraft, Amanda Lew Kee and Germany’s Blessed vamp; Cursed.”

Pam wears from latex, leather, corsets, fishnets to satin, all classic and beautiful. I can describe her style as a dominatrix/ high society/Fashionista all mix and sometimes it depends on the place and the situation. We can find some of these pieces or outfits at Herve Leger, D&G, Valentino, Juicy Couture, blessed and cursed, Burberry, Amanda Lew Kee, Skingraft, Eirik Aswang, Armor jewelry, some of the clothes are labels knock off , got to vintage stores or made by Audrey Fishers.

I'm sure that any female who gets this clothes (or smiliar), will feel like she can kick some ass just like Pam ! If you want to get more fashion ideas watch True Blood ....a show to die for.

Kisses and Bites :[

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