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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Xmas presents for young people... it's not so hard to come up with something.

We all know that Christmas is that time of the year when we all have to forgive and forget the bad stuff that happened to us this past year a time to enjoy the holiday with our family. There should be happiness in the air. Just pure joy of being with our family and love ones.

Christmas is for many reasons a magical night for kids. He flies around the world on his sleigh delivering presents to good children. What about the stories about the North Pole, the elves and what about all the fun decoration?. It's just a great time for families.

Part of this fun is not only for the kids but for the rest of the family, especially the parents (who help Santa pick the presents). Parents are the ones who, in the end, feel satisfied with the purchase since the only things that matters is the child's happiness. 

But what about young people? or “young adults” from 18-29?. Let me tell you that from the moment that you graduate from high school … you are not a kid, you are not a teenager… and apparently … you become an adult… a boring adult who: should go to the University, should get a job and for some reason, become a different person. You are not supposed to listen to music, dress with jeans or even dress casual, you are now a “serious” person who doesn't have time for that. I think young adults do not fit in any category really. There are thousands of toys for little kids or thousands of expensive and not so fun things for adults.

So, now that we know who you are…let’s give you things that are boring. I personally have to thank my parents who have asked me what I want (since they don’t have any idea) and I get to chose some things or just ask for cash and get a present on my own. That’s a good idea and I recommend that you talk to your parents about it. Other relatives will probably get you clothes that you don't like ; T-shirts, gloves, socks, things like that. I don’t mind much when I get things like that, because I know it’s a nice gesture on their part, but there are people that really don’t try hard, at all!.

I don’t think buying a present for young people it’s that hard. Parents and Relatives: just look at him/her, how they dress,what they talk about, what they do…and it will tell you a lot about the other person but if you have no idea...please, just give him/her some cash and they will be happy with it.

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