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Friday, September 24, 2010

Scorpions live ...... nothing more to say.

Scorpions, a band I started to like because a particular song, Winds of Change. This song marked a moment of my life and every time I feel melancholic i hear it and every time I hear it i get melancholic for a perfect past. Ironically, the song celebrates the change of a dark age, and to me, this song makes me want to return to the past, that a change did not happen.

"Wind of Change" is a 1990 power ballad written by Klaus Meine, vocalist of The Germ rock band Scorpions. It appeared on Their 1990 album Crazy World, But Did not Become a worldwide hit single Until 1991, When It topped the charts in Germany and across Europe, and hit # 4 in the United States and # 2 in the United Kingdom "en.wikipedia org.

The song brings back memories since I can remember from the 80's to early 90's. When it comes to classic songs, this is definitely in the top5 of the soundtrack of my life.

When standing in line at the Estadio Hernando Siles de La Paz City i had not yet realized that in a few hours i was going to hear all the songs that reminded me of different things, but for some reason, the only song that didnt came to my mind was Winds of Change.

To start we got there about 4 hours before the concert and the rows were endless, luckily my brother and I were about half of the row, which was a good place to be because few hours after the row where I was grew and grew and grew .

When it started to get dark, the people around me began drinking and singing songs from the group we were all eager to hear live for the first time in our city, in our country.

At last! The doors opened at about 8pm and the boredom and fatigue was turned into nervousness / excitement.

First, I had never been in the Hernando Siles, I'm no fan of football (at least national football) and had never been to a concert of this magnitude with an international group like Scorpions. Finally after looking at the stadium and see the great number of people who never stop getting in this place,the show started.

First a tribute band to Queen played, I must say they were great in every way, yet the only the only band i was expecting was Scorpions and i didnt take much interest in the band that played on stage.

The lights went off!, At last! All people were screaming with excitement. The stadium lights, nearby buildings lights and the sky created the perfect setting for an evening of classic rock.

Sting In The Tail
The Zoo
Loving You Sunday Morning
The Best Is Yet To Come
Big City Nights
Wind Of Change
Tease Me Please Me

No One Like You
Still Loving You (segundos de la cancion!)
Rock You Like A Hurricane

When it came time for Wind Of Change, honestly I almost start to cry, I was there in La Paz, at the concert listening to a band that I had never imagined seeing and hearing a song I never thought to listen live!. Sang, listened, took pictures, i recorded that momment in time on my phone and in my mind, it was the only thing I could do. Thanks Scorpions.

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