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Thursday, May 5, 2011

" We appreciate people more when they are no longer with us "/Es schätzen die Menschen mehr, wenn es

"We did not know you liked soccer so much " My friends wrote the other day. And I said: "How would you know if none of you like soccer, so why I would talk about it ? "

I do not have a great passion for soccer, I said it before many times. I only see games when the national team is playing a big game or when Real Madrid is playing but today, another team was added to my list: Schalke 04.

For the people who read my previous post; you will know that I started writing on this matter when Raúl Gonzalez Blanco announced his departure from Real Madrid and a famous phrase gained great significance that day: " We appreciate people more when they are no longer with us ". This happened to Real Madrid's fans. They did respect him and loved him but when he left for Germany, he definitely left a void in Real Madrid's family. No one saw this coming, we all thought Raúl would stay forever in the club and that his career would end with Real Madrid.

After painfully watch the man who made me interested in football and that made me a fan of the great Real Madrid leave Spain I started to watch the matches of Schalke 04. Someday Raúl will end his career as a professional footballer and I definitely want to be there when he hang up the boots. Today, he is in Germany, happy and at ease. He is loved and he is playing like a young guy again. 

I don't miss an opportunity to talk about a great player, a legend, an icon of the soccer world because seeing him is to see the Fair Play at its finest, pure and clean which should reign on the soccer field. This is something we are missing today. No pulling shirts or pushing, no Oscar worthy performances, no insults and fights. Raúl is on the field to play and that is what he do best.He is a gentleman outside and inside the field. He is a person who loves the love of the fans but at the same time he is humble.

Yesterday Schalke 04 played against Manchester United, a team who was superior and sadly Schalke 04 stay one step further from the Champions League 2011 final. Despite this, I do not consider that every effort was in vain, they had nothing to lose. The S04 came farther than they ever imagined, a big part of this was thanks to Raúl and as a result of this many people noticed this German team. I just regret that Raúl finished this journey without a final goal. Many say that this is his last UEFA-CL but Raúl is like this, he can not stray away from what he likes to do most; play soccer. That's why this season was a successful one because he achieve to enjoy the game one more time. I am sure that if he doesn't return to UEFA-CL as a player, he will return as a coach someday. 

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