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Saturday, May 7, 2011

When it seems you're the only normal person in the world

Have you ever lived in a place where 90% (minimum) of people are gossipers and liars?Well I do, actually poeple here call its a city but the people here live in a large village which has a very unique population.

Since I can remember, people always said one thing and did the opposite. Someone smiled at someone and then this person stucked a dagger in her/his back. I wondered, what caused this reaction in my friends but then you realize that that's what they learn at home, I did not have to wonder again. Over time I changed friends and met better people, but to this day whenever I meet people they are always lying, they can never tell the truth!. For example, 1: if you call someone to do something, they say they cant - her/his grandmother is ill-. But hours later you will find them elsewhere. 2: There are people who go out with you but you were use as an excuse to be with someone else 3: There are friends or acquaintances who always hide the real reasons why they do something, or hide facts of their lives from you when they dont have to, as always, you get to find out by many other people ... or at the end they tell you themselves!

I think they have no reason to lie, why no one cant tell the truth? or is it that when they tell the truth in this place it has bad consequences? Why do people so afraid to be honest? And I'm not the only one who has gone through the same things.

I wonder what's the point? I always told the truth and never hide anything, I dont use people with ulterior motives and above all, I do not take trick my friends to take advantage of something or even get to trick my friends to get extra $ $ $ than it should. "I will lower the price!" - (if I'm selling something )

Here, many may call me dumb, because for these people, the more you step on someone and the more you fool others you'll get some kind of profit, is the right and smarter thing to do. I do not want to include all people here in this post, but ... that these things happen a lot here,is "normal" The same citizens here feel the same.

Ever lived in a place like this?

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