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Saturday, March 14, 2015

A fake gentleman's dissection (Pt. 2 of: That strange thing called chivalry.)

 To dissect a fake gentleman we should first talk about how he looks on the outside.

He is not a regular man, he is confident, good looking, he is fun, he have friends, he likes to have a good time, he likes music, he … wait! he can be anyone!

So ¿How can you know the difference between a real gentleman and a fake one?

There are some distinctive traits to look for:

  • ·He treats you like a Queen BUT he treats everyone else like sh#t

The same story is repeated over and over again when women start dating. So many times have I heard: “He is so sweet, so good, he is so great with me, and he is perfect” He might be great to you but he is just a jerk to everyone else.

For example he invites you to dinner and everything its great! Until -he is rude to the waiter –he is just rude to strangers. 

This guy is the kind of person who only cares about himself ----aaaand you of course! but if you are not a human being who he has an interest in, forget about it! you are no one to him. A real gentleman will treat others with respect, including strangers, he will be chivalrous.

·         He can’t take his eyes off … other ladies

Aaaarg ! Just annoying!

I get it. Men are allowed to look at other pretty females (when we are not with them)on their viewing range as we girls appreciate a good looking guy but … the way (most) men look at women is just horrible, unacceptable and even sickening ! Especially if they are doing while holding the GF's hand!

If a guy looks at butts, boobs, and ¿did I mention butts? Like it was the first time he ever saw one of those and if that wasn’t bad enough he keeps looking even though the girl is 3 km away? NOT A GENTLEMAN.

If he do all the above while holding your hand: Definitely NOT A GENTLEMAN.

·         He has a foul mouth!

Is there anything more unattractive than a person who curses a lot?  I can't physically be with a person who swears every time he opens his mouth.

You are probably wondering how this has anything to do with differencing a real gentleman from a fake one. So, the first thing that comes to my mind is that he might be an aggressive person. It is one thing to talk to your buddies like that but to your girlfriend? No way. 
In the end is up to you if something like this is a big deal but in my book this is a big turn off.

·         He disrespect you

No matter how many roses he buys how many sweet things he does for you, no matter how good he gets along with your family and friends, if he ever disrespects you he is not a gentleman; he is just a common man, one more of the bunch.

1.         He criticizes everything you do.
2.         He makes fun of your beliefs.
3.         He doesn't listen to what you have to say.
4.         He flirts with other females.
5.         He insults you whenever you fight.
6.         He makes you promises that he never keeps.
7.         He is never on time and he doesn't answer the phone when you call.
8.         He is very mysterious about things that should not be a mystery.
9.         You always have to accommodate your time to his life schedule.
10.       You wait for him but he never has the patience to wait for you.

If he did one or more things on my list, then he is not for you. The same goes for the gents (women should respect you too).

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